Your virtual librarian.

Seneca uses AI to re-imagine how communities build, connect and share knowledge.

Learning every day

We are life long learners. Creatives and makers. Idea shapers. The information carnivores. Curious, wide-eyed explorers of the world.

Our modern world gives us unprecedented access to create and consume more content than ever. With more information comes more noise, and with more noise, it becomes difficult to hear the whisper in the hurricane. Great content gets lost and forgotten. We waste time trying to find it.

Seneca is a quiet place. One place for all of the content that you love–articles, videos, podcasts and more–the content that inspires you. The stuff you want to share with people you care about. The stuff that makes us grow. In the flurry of the digital transition, Seneca is peaceful.

Because we are always in progress.

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